Firewall Solutions

Although the Internet has revolutionised how we conduct business, it poses multiple challenges for today’s business managers. Reduced productivity through personal time online, unnecessary bandwidth consumption, viruses and legal ramifications of email management are all risks that need to be mitigated. 

Our Firewall Solution is the ideal solution for simple and comprehensive Internet management.

Feature highlights:

  • Integrated firewall and mail server.
  • Redundancy over multiple Internet connections.
  • Remote support enables quick off site maintenance through web interface.
  • The configuration file is backed up off site.
  • Traffic reported per MAC address and user.
  • Automated usage reports.
  • Bandwidth protection through usage throttling or protocol routing
  • Virus scanner.
  • Automatic free software upgrades.
  • Quickly and easily set up a VPN between branches (Infinity Shield Pro).
  • Unlimited number of users.

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